Products Overview

Sigmax offers customers comprehensive solutions that incorporate hardware, software, and integration services. Our scalable solutions target a great variety of sites, from residential homes to businesses of all sizes, where video surveillance and security services are critically in demand.

NER and Add-on Licenses

The Network Event Recorder (NER), a Network-based video recording software, is designed to support 18 major IP camera manufacturers' products which takes the video surveillance to the next level in terms of picture quality. This software solution works across all Windows operating systems on typical PC systems. See Feature List here.

The add-on license allows more IP cameras and POS interfaces to be integrated into NER or HDER system for users in need of more coverage of interest.

A free evaluation version is available for a 30-day trial.

IP Cameras and Accessories

To meet customers' needs for turnkey equipments, Sigmax offers a variety of cost-effective and reliable cameras and accessaries. It is guaranteed that all the equipments made by third-party manufacturers are distributed after thorough tests.

Network Switches and Accessories

IP cameras with PoE compability enable fast deployment and flexible expansion of video surveillance systems. Sigmax offers a variety of network switches (PoE or regular) and accessaries to facilitate installation.

Mobile DVRs

To help customers sort out liability when car accidents happen, Sigmax offers a mobile DVR that can be easily mounted on the windshield to record what has happened ever since the car is started. This cost-effective video surveillance solution can truly bring peace of mind to drivers who care about safety.


The Hybrid Digital Event Recorder (HDER), a Windows-based video recorder, is designed to incorporate the Event Management Center (EMC) software component to make the most of video captured by security cameras.

The motion detetion algorithm in EMC enables HDER to extract motion events and respond with video-recording and/or alarm-triggering.


The POS-EMC (Point of Sale-Event Monitor Center) is primarily designed to combat inventory shrinkage. This core add-on part of HDER interfaces with POS and cash register models to enhance monitoring of business activities. Read on for Sigmax's comprehensive integration solutions.