Hybrid Digital Event Recorder

Sigmax's Hybrid Digital Event Recorder series is one of the most advanced multichannel digital video recorders on the market. It brings customers fully featured surveillance experience and is designed from the perspective of security professionals with IT proficiency in mind. (See All HDER Features)

hybridSeamless Integration with Megapixel Network Cameras.
  • Powerful Xeon-baded server boosts higher resolutions
  • Up to 16 analog and 16 networked cameras on a single server
  • Native support for leading IP cameras
  • Multiple monitor support, up to 8 display monitors

gui Straightforward GUI controls offer easy manageability.
  • Easy-to-use Windows-based graphic user interface
  • Instant review and powerful playback
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom/auto-rotate operations with supported cameras
engineering Advanced algorithms improve reliability and effeciency
  • M-JPEG compression to guarantee consistent video quality
  • Built-in hardware watchdog to ensure normal operation
  • Motion Detection Recording to save storage space
  • Automatic resumption of recording after power failure
scalable Standard interfaces stretch scalability and expandability
  • Flexibly configurable multichannel recording of up to 32 cameras
  • Cost-effective storage of up to 20 TB (RAID optional)
  • Network Storage Servers (NSS) support
  • POS/ATM interface compatible with over 800 POS/ATM/cash registers (optional)
  • Interface with industrial, commercial, and medical electronic measurement equipments (optional)
  • Alarm activated recording (optional)
networked Networked data distribution expands viewing locations
  • Remote monitoring via cellular phones, web browser, Sigmax remote lite 
  • Central mangament system with multi-site multi-HDER layer-structure 
  • Simultaneous viewing of multiple HDER sites
  • Adjustable video resolution to ease network congestion
  • Free software upgrade via Internet and unlimited number of remote client access
security Comprehensive security measures enhance trustworthiness
  • Password protected access
  • User group previlege management
  • Tamering-proof file export with authentication
  • File integrity ensured by markig non-recycle and rebuilding damaged files