Hardware Options

Sigmax offers extended warranty for some of the following hardware parts.


Item number   Description  
MN19-LCD   19"LCD, Viewsonic / Optiquest
MN20-LCD   20"LCD, Viewsonic / Optiquest

Hare Disk Drive

Item number   Description  
HD320   320GB
HD500   500GB
HD750   750GB
HD1000   1000GB

UPS Backup P/S

Item number   Description  
UPS-APC550   APC 550 VA
UPS-APC725   APC 725 VA

Lens and camera accessories

Item number   Description
LENS-S03508AV   Lens 3.5-8 mm, Auto Iris, Varifocal
LENS-S02812AV   Lens 2.8-12 mm, Auto Iris, Vari focal, Fish Eye
LENS-S0660AV   Lens 6-60 mm, Auto Iris, Varifocal
LENS-S05100AV   Lens 5-100 mm, Auto Iris, Varifocal
Item number   Description  
CM-HOLDER   Camera Holder Bracket
CM-HOUSING-C   Camera Housing & Bracket with Cable Management
CM-HOUSING-HB   Camera Housing & Bracket w/Heater & Blower, 24V AC
CM-HOUSING-PTZ   Outdoor Housing for PTZ camera, Wall or Pendulum mount
PS/DPS 12/9   Distributed Power Supply, 12V DC, 9 Output, 4 Amp
PS/DPS 24/9   Distributed Power Supply, 24V AC, 9 Output, 4 Amp
PS/DPS 12/16   Distributed Power Supply, Regulated 12V DC, 16 Output, 8 Amp
PS/DPS 24/16   Distributed Power Supply, 24V AC, 16 Output, 8 Amp
PS-12V/0.5A or 24/0.5   PS Adapter, Regulated 12VDC, 0.5A or 24VAC
WIR-NLRG59U/182   RG 59, 95% Copper Braided and 18/2 Siamese, 1000ft
WIR-NJ182B   18/2 Wire, UL, Black, 1000 ft
WIR-RG59/95B   RG 59, 95% Copper Braided, UL, Black, 1000ft

Additonal add-ons and DER Options

Item number   Description  
NSS-6T-RACK   Net Storage Server (NSS) for DER, 6 TB, Rack-mount, XP-Pro
NSS-10T-RACK   NSS for DER, 10 TB, Rack-mount, XP-Pro, GB Net
DVD-RW   DVD Read/Write Drive, Upgrade Only
ACC-ALARM   4-16 Alarm In/4 out
ACC-4CH LOOP   4 channel Loop out, up to 16 channel
ACC-SPC100   PTZ Control Kit, Multi-protocol support, w/cable, adapter
ACC-POS-INT-S   POS Cash Register/ATM Interface, Serial
ACC-POS-INT-IP   POS Server Interface Software Module CD
WIN XP Pro   MS Window XP Pro
REM-CEN-1   Remote Center 1 site - one site connection
REM-CEN-5   Remote Center 5 Sites - five site connections
REM-CEN-10   Remote Center 10 sites - ten site connections
REM-CEN-20   Remote Center 20 sites - twenty site connections
REM-CEN-50   Remote Center 50 sites - fifty site connections
REM-CEN-100   Remote Center 100 sites -one hundred site connections
CA-RACK4U-7   Industry Standard 19”, 4U/ 4U – 7 5 ¼” bay Upgrade Only

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