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Sigmax Security, Inc. (Sigmax) is a Houston based high tech company specializing in providing integrated high-tech solutions for the security industry. Sigmax develops, manufactures, and integrates security systems and security software for a large variety of customers in various industries who need integrated solutions for their security needs. Sigmax combines digital video recording, networked video streaming, POS interface and loss prevention into practical solutions. These integrated systems are made easier to operate and can also significantly reduce maintenance and training cost.

The predecessor of Sigmax was Sigma Computers, Inc., which was founded by Dr. Wang in 1994, as a value added reseller (VAR) of computers. Sigma Computers, Inc., for the past nine years, specialized in assembling and marketing personal computers (PC) and network servers. Over the last several years, while worldwide PC market has gradually matured, digital video surveillance and recording systems emerged in the U.S. and other countries as a result of advances in microcomputer hardware and software. Consequently, conventional analog video surveillance systems have become obsolete, providing a unique market opportunity for their replacement by hybrid digital video recorder and networked video recorder systems.

In August 2001 Dr. Jian Zhang joined Sigma and Sigmax was incorporated to capture this unique market opportunity. Dr. Jian who has a superior track record of developing innovative products brought over twenty years of engineering experiences and since has successfully developed a series of surveillance oriented products including leading-edge hybrid digital event recorder and network event recorder systems. Sigmax has successfully marketed its products to security dealers and system integrators and is poised to become a leader in the fast growing security system business.

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